NYHED: Vials til kromatografi og HPLC

Vials for GC / HPLC / Headspace / IC / TOC / storage

MACHEREY-NAGEL offer a broad range of autosampler vials with different closure techniques, such as screw, crimp or snap. They fulfill all requirements for chromatography analysis (autosampler compatibility, analytical purity, convenient and safe handling, etc.). Depending on the filling volume we differentiate between standard sample vials and micro-vials which either have an interior or exterior volume reducing shape. Alternatively you can of course also use inserts to reduce the volume inside a vial, in order to create ideal conditions for sample removal.


Good to know

  • Our products are manufactured under strict hygienic conditions.
  • All autosampler vials of our program are made from 1st hydrolytic class glass.
  • Only snap cap vials for storage of powdery samples and the blow-molded glass 70209.1 are made from 3rd hydrolytic class glass.


Vial dimensions

The dimensions stated with respect to vial diameter and height are exact values. Please note that other suppliers often list rounded values (e.g., 12 x 32 mm instead of 11.6 x 32 mm), the actual dimensions are, however, identical due to the required fit in the instrument. Our data concerning the volume are defined realistically usable volumes, not calculated values. For reasons of safety we state rather low values. Here, too, deviations of data to other suppliers may occur, which either use the calculated volume (e.g., 2 mL instead of 1.5 mL) or a defined, realistically usable volume in the upper range (e.g., 1.8 mL instead of 1.5 mL).

Reliable product quality

Opto-electronical supervision at the glass processing machines ensures high quality for a safe analysis. Of course additional in-process controls and a final QC inspection are also part of the measurements which we have implemented to grant a reliable product quality. Upon request certificates of conformity (CoCs) can be forwarded for any vial or insert product for your own ISO documentation. Almost all vials are supplied with 100 pieces in a tamper-evidently shrink-wrapped corrugated PP box which is non-abrasive and chemically resistant.

Clean packaging

All packaging material has been strictly evaluated with regard to possible releases of contaminants to ensure analytically clean products from manufacturing all through storage until consumption. The lid of the box enables consumers to protect the vials against any contamination from the lab environment during consumption.

Further options:

  • Pre-sealed vial-closure combinations and combi packs
  • Micro-vials and micro-inserts
  • Silanized vials
  • Plastic vials

Barcode-labeled vials

A clear identification of samples and their traceability in all steps of sample preparation up to the finished analysis are nowadays essential requirements when working in the laboratory. Barcoded vials are an efficient solution because they can be read quickly. The frequency of errors caused by manual entries can be significantly reduced by barcode-labeled vials, thus making the workflow safer. Especially with high sample throughput and progressive automation, the automatic data transfer via barcode is an essential component for efficient and cost-saving data management. Barcode labelled vials are customized products designed to your individual requirements with regard to vial type, barcode type / position and other individual parameters. Therefore please kindly submit to us the completely filled out questionnaire, so that we can calculate the product according to your personal wishes.


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